Yay! Robot!

Bringing fun to the art of cleanliness!

My dream is a small swarm of skilled robots, spiderbots to be exact, that live in my house and clean everything. They would have a default mode where they stay hidden and only clean in areas where the won't be seen. But the better mode would be clean where they explicitly will be seen with the purpose of cleaning and entertaining. I could spend hours watching the spiderbots clean. Maybe they do little entertaining things while they clean, like acrobatic jumps and groovy dances with each other.

The reality is that this will happen, and not just for our houses and apartments. Spiderbots and drones will make the world clean and safe for people and animals. They will make life better for the elderly and the disabled. Plus, they will deliver a cheeseburger. I can't wait, especially for the cheeseburger.