Why Apple, Why??? Non-Removable SSDs in 2016 MacBook Pro Laptops

I've got the vapors. The melodrama continues with the new MacBook Pros.

Let's face it, it's not at all surprising that Apple did this. They've already done it with the MacBook and the SSD had been all but irreplaceable for the MacBook Air and previous MacBook Pros. So the fact that the new 2016 MacBook Pros have an SSD that's not removable really means just about nothing.

What it really means is that Apple is moving toward being the Mercedes Benz of computers. It's a practical move for a company that prides itself on quality and ease of use. Computers are becoming commodities and if you want to be the best then being the best has to be the reason people buy your computers instead of price.

The MacBook is less expensive, and the MacBook Air even less. There are very few people who care about computers that are priced out of a Mac, even if they are priced out of the MacBook Pro. Things are different than they have been in the past, they have shifted. But it doesn't mean the Mac isn't for you, it just may be a different Mac. Everything's okay, and everyone gets a Mac.

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