What Makes New Computers Valuable?

Is a new computer hog heaven or just a rebel without a cause?

New computers a now sold mostly as feature upgrades. There's still a little performance gain, but for most people, computers are powerful enough. It's better screens, thinner laptops, the most recent ports, and features that are much more a matter of style than must have technology.

This is probably how clothing changed when fabric construction became more automated. At one time, you were trying to get the best fabric you could so your pants wouldn't fall apart. Then one day it became more about fashion, because fabric by itself wasn't special enough.

People still occasionally buy clothes for a high performance fabric. Gore-Tex was like this for a while. But then it seemed like everyone came out with their own custom Gore-Tex fabric and it wasn't such a big deal anymore.

This is changing the landscape of new computer purchases. We can expect to see continuous change here until one day, it will largely be just about fashion. It's okay, but a little strange for computer fans who are struggling through the experience.