UNBOXING Apple Card That Financed New 2020 Apple iMac. Luxury Credit! High Society! White Trash Me!

YouTube Video

In this video I unbox the titanium Apple Card that I ordered from Apple. They gave me an Apple Card (in cooperation with Goldman Sachs) to finance my new 2020 Apple iMac, which I haven't received yet. The do not send you the titanium Apple Card by default, but it looks so nice I wanted it.

Even the packaging is nice and they send it second day air with UPS. The delivery guy knocked on my door but I think he would have just left it because you can't activate it without an iPhone signed in to your iCloud account.

I don't know that I'm going to carry this card because it does not have a terribly high credit limit. But maybe I will because it's a card you might want to casually show off to pretend you have credentials of some sort, even though you clearly don't.

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