Unbox 32GB OWC 2020 Apple iMac RAM, Throwing Shade at Unbox Therapy, Country Boy Cred, Get RAMMED!

YouTube Video

This is the first video ever filmed on my new office/bedroom/trash set. So I Christen the set with some discussion about bad lighting.

Then I talk about how I can be a more interesting tech channel and how a person can make a video about unboxing RAM more interesting that discussing video and audio requirements.

Then I actually unbox the 32GB of OWC RAM I purchase for my 2020 Apple iMac. I have a conversation with the RAM at it flirts with me and gives me sass. But when I get toward the end of the unboxing, an accident happens and I get RAMMED!

I throw some shade an Unbox Therapy for doing a shoe unboxing, but it's difficult to tell if I'm being critical or just envious. I'm definitely envious of the success of Unbox Therapy. I'm also envious of Marques Brownlee and his Tesla, which is where he would do a RAM unboxing.

I come out of the closet in three ways to leave you shook: I'm gay, I have multiple sclerosis, and I'm at least a low level country boy. I then proceed to talk about country boy cred and my friend who claimed to be more of a country boy than I am. It was true in the past, when he lived in a triple wide trailer home, but I'm not sure about now.

Tech live can be dull, my channel will attempt to make it more interesting or least more dramatic.

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