The M1 Macs Are Trying To Replace Our Intel Macs, Our Freedom, And The American Way (Thanks Parler!)

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Just to let you know, I joined Parler today which may seem ironic but no matter what side you're on or what you believe, Americans are all in this together!

However, I have a feeling that Parler may have transitioned my attitude in some unexpected ways.

This is a red zone warning that I've heard that M1 Macs have a plan to replace our Intel Macs permanently.


I'm talking about your mother's Intel Mac, your sister's Intel Mac, your brother's Intel Mac, and The Baby Jesus's very own Intel Mac!

What about freedom of speech! What about capitalism! What about America!

Our Intel Macs are being replaced by elite Ivy League M1 Macs.

So you sheeple can throw your Intel Macs into the trash! But I'm keeping mine until they won't provide updates any more.

I'm a proud boy who has marched many times or just drank cocktails on the side of the road to express my pride in many of the most fabulous parades that have ever existed.

There were big strong men, so muscular, that they appeared to have ripped right out of their shirts.

There were militias of women riding motorcycles, just to prove they were so courageous, that they didn't need a single man!

There were choirs of men kneeling to show their respect and singing to celebrate the glory of America!

And everyone waved flags containing all the American colors of the rainbow!

God bless America! God bless Intel Macs!

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