Phone Cameras, More Lenses, More Pixels, More Happiness!

Give me another lens, just one more lens!
More Lenses! More Pixels! More Happiness!

Does having more lenses and more pixels make you a better photographer? Well, yes it does.

This is because photography is now more about creativity and editing than getting that perfect shot the first time. With 8K displays, we need cameras that can take photos with enough pixels to fill 'em up! Okay, we don't literally need that, because resolutions are high enough that it doesn't matter that much. But we at least need enough pixels so we can comfortably crop down to 4K, and cropping is a major part of most peoples photography workflow.

I would love it if my mom could properly frame a shot, but let's face it, that only happens accidentally! I love her, I love working on photography with her, and one skill she definitely has is cropping!