Netgear Nighthawk AX4300, RAX45 WiFi6 Wireless Router, Costco, MacOS Big Sur Bugs, Parallels, VMWare

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Netgear Router Box Statements

  • "6 Stream AX WiFi"

  • "Up to 4.3Gbps"

  • "For Fiber or Gigabit internet service plans"

  • "NetGear Armor powered by Bitdefender (Advanced Cyber Threat Protection)"

Costco Price:
$129.99 (199.99 - 70.00)


  • This router was slow.

  • My Xfinity router was better all along.

  • I'm returning this to Costco.

MacOS Big Sur Issues

  • Parallels and VMWare virtual machines can't have specific MAC addresses.

  • Bluetooth devices are disconnecting randomly.

  • Final Cut Pro X has been having issues and bugs.

  • Don't upgrade if you're on MacOS Catalina.

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