Loving Music on the iPhone vs. the iPod

I love my music and I want my Mac, iPhone, iPad, and iPod to stay out of our way... mostly.

I've been a music lover since I was six years old, that I can remember. But the way I listen to music as changed drastically over the years. Currently I listen to music most commonly in iTunes on my Mac while I'm working. Second place is listening to music on my iPhone with my iPad taking a distant third.

I have Apple Music, and I like it. I might even love it, but that's the point of this article. Apple and other streaming providers are very much focused on letting you know they exist and that they're the best. It has taken the focus away from the music itself.

Once I had a treasured music collection and it was all about me and my music. Now I have a three way relationship with my music and Apple. Apple is kinda in the way of our sweet, sweet love. The iPod was device that got me closer to my music, but then left the two of us alone. So the question is: was the iPod better for music than the current iPhone? In some ways yes.

But it's gotten more complex, having access to all of the music is a feature I'm not willing to give up anymore. If Apple has to be here for that to happen, then I guess that's okay with me. But I look forward in the future to Apple trying to take more of a back seat in that process. I don't really want Apple telling me I should want to listen to an artist that I clearly have no reason to like. That's not Apple's business.