Lady Gaga vs. Computer

It's good to sit down and ponder what you want from Lady Gaga vs. your computer.


I want Lady Gaga to be highly artistic, but I want my computer to help me to be creative and not steal my thunder.


Lady Gaga dresses in the most fashion forward couture. My computer should look nice, but not wear clothing, especially not a meat dress.


Lady Gaga should tell the world how it is without apology. My computer should tell me when I have an appointment I don't want to miss.


Maybe when Lady Gaga is on stage or working the runway she can shoot everyone a sassy look. She can talk back and stir the pot. I would rather my computer stay off the sass, I've got enough to worry about.


Those clothes cost money. Lady Gaga should be wealthy and rewarded for her efforts. My computer should work to me _me_ rich.