iPhone X

Instagram your fantabulous life. Except for food pics, those are lame.

So let's face it, Apple's presentation went very well. The products are good. Everyone's cheering. Everyone cried about the Steve Jobs theater. The iPhone X is pretty cool. The largest complaint is that it hasn't completely improved every aspect of our life (yet.)

Even Angela Ahrendts made an appearance. She is one of my favorite people. The design of the latest Apple Stores is amazing.

After a bit of trouble, Apple seems to be back on track understanding what is needed to charge the highest prices. Which is great. You will be better at Instagram for owning this phone. And yes, that matters. You may be better at Twitter. And no, that doesn't matter.

Lady and cat smiling. Happy times.

This is not creepy at all. Everybody's happy. Why do you always have to make an issue of everything?