iPad, iPad Air, and iPad Pro for techies, students, and regular people. Apple Event September 2020

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This video is about my impressions of the September 2020 Apple Event that focused on the iWatch and the iPad. I don't care about the iWatch very much so I stay on the iPad topic during this video.

I was shocked that the iPad Air got an A14 chip while the iPad Pro was not updated from the A12X. The regular iPad was upgraded to an A12.

I am considering getting the regular iPad with 128GB of SSD. I use my current first generation iPad Air to watch Netflix and Hulu each night when I go to bed. I also use it to run Filmic Remote when I'm shooting YouTube videos with my iPhone X and Filmic Pro.

I'm tempted by the new iPad Air but that additional power is not really necessary.

I don't think a ton of stuff really happened today aside from a great update to the regular iPad. Apple targets products at income levels. If you are rich you probably already have an iPad Pro.

There are possible scenarios where a child or a student would use an iPad as their main computer, but I doubt that happens very often. The iPad Air shoots 4K video, but aside from them who would shoot video with an iPad.

Apple has not positioned the iPad to be fully understandable by anyone outside the technological crowd. And Apple's poor handling of large video files makes things much worse for any beginner who thinks they are going to use an iPad for video editing.

If you are a techie, you know your friends and family usually have different situations. My sisters are both creative, both teachers, and both have had iPads and liked them. However, they both underbuy their iPads, which is a situation Apple has basically created by making the SSDs very small.

The iPad doesn't help people who are lost in technology find their way. I can't even tell exactly where the iPad fits, so they aren't going to.

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