iOS 11

It's better. There's not much else to say.
iOS 11 iPhone home screen

My home screen. It's often curated, but even some of these apps are rarely used by me.

I like iOS version updates. Apple has generally made them very easy now that iCloud and Photos have settled in. Things are made easier if you give in to trends in technology.

I use Apple Music, others use Spotify. Either one is vastly better than trying to maintain your own collection of music files. Video is much better as a service. I use YouTube, Netflix, HBO, and Hulu. I have some old movie and tv show files, but Apple has not made it easy to sync video files, and I fought the battle with all the episodes of Star Trek: The Next Generation and lost. Streaming is the way to make video workable.

So all iOS has to do is look good and not get in the way. Which it does very well. Plus some basic services we can't live without like Messages and Apple Pay.