Cutting the cord leads to Hulu. It's a good place.

Before cutting the cord, it's easy to compare Netflex vs Hulu, and Netflix usually wins. But after cutting the cord, the concept of Netflix and Hulu has much more value. Hulu has current episodes of many network TV Shows, like The Good Place and South Park. It has past seasons of network TV Shows, like The Amazing Race. And it has great movies, like Cloverfield.

After cutting the cord, video services become more valuable. If you watch 5 shows a month, Hulu is cheaper that buying those shows. It takes a while to get used to the economics, but once the facts settle, the decisions become more obvious.

What's left is those shows that are available only to buy for $20 - $30 a season. The are the shows The Big Bang Theory and How to Get Away with Murder both worth a full season pass?