Happy Happy Cleaning Robots

The future of home building, cleaning, and maintenance is robots.

What is the technology of the present and near future? Domestic robots, lots of them. Currently the focus is on self-driving cars like the Tesla and little carpet sweepers like the Roomba. But the real deal is having a team of little 2-inch to 6-inch robots that wander out when nobody's around a clean one square foot of carpet. Then they take what they found to the trash and either recharge, sleep, or clean another spot.

It's amazing to me that this hasn't been introduced yet. It's hard for a small carpet sweeping robot to do it's job. A cleaning spider bot would be much more efficient, especially in teams. This kind of robot could get your carpets cleaner than ever. The could clean in all the cracks and crevices.

Cleaning spider bots could do counters, cupboards, bathrooms, and much more. It will happen, it will change the world nearly overnight. The economy will change quite a bit too.