Computers for the Masses

Success in making computers for Whoopi Goldberg requires making computers for Neil deGrasse Tyson.

Most of our favorite companies have the same goal: to sell to as many people as possible. Many of us need computers, and we respect the company that makes the computers that advanced people (nerds) use. Even though we may not require advanced features, the company proves its quality by impressing our geeky dork loved ones.

There are many diverse people with advanced computer requirements. Gamers, scientists, medical researchers, artists, and many more all have advanced needs. The advanced users recommend computers to their friends and family.

But what happens if a company stops making those advanced computers, or neglects their line of advanced computers? Then the advanced users buy from another company and recommend their new brand to friends and family. This is a good thing for us. We want our advanced friends to find the good stuff and point us to it!

Not to get on too much of a tangent, but this is exactly how evolution works. You are either selected or you aren't. If you can influence people's choices, it's a luxury that should not be squandered.