Cell Phone Plans Are Getting Easier to Understand

A modern cell phone bill includes everything but unlimited data. All you need is self-control over Netflix and YouTube.

A cell phone plan is starting to look a lot more like an internet plan. This is good, because that's exactly what it is. No more limits on talk minutes or text messages. The only limit is on the amount of data you can use. But even your unused data rolls over, so that limit may not even be noticeable.

These plans aren't that new, but I just switched to one and it's new to me. It feels simpler, although I'm sure AT&T will find a way to make my bill rise each month. I've considered switching to Verizon, Sprint, or T-Mobile because sometimes they have good deals. But at the same time, I'm also just about as happy as one can possibly be with their cell phone service. That's a weird thing to hear myself say.

Soon we'll just use our wireless phones to provide internet to our homes instead of having additional home internet service. Cable companies will have a fun time dealing with that reality.