Apple, Microsoft, Android, and Linux All Help You Enjoy Technology

The maker of your technology is not important, your energy and creativity is.

Yesterday Apple announced it's new line of MacBook Pro computers with the new Touch Bar instead of function keys. I think it looks like a nice bit of additional technology. We'll see how people like after some time with it.

But whether you like it or you don't, whether you buy from Apple or Microsoft, and whether you like less expensive or more expensive devices doesn't matter all that much. Your relationship to your computer is about you, your talents, and your interests.

Any computer made today is enough to allow a creative person to do something amazing. Technology is so present everywhere that sometimes it's easy to get lost in the details. But we live in an awesome world where $300 can buy you a very powerful computer that can enable you as much as a $4,000 workstation.

If you have any computer, and you feel like being creative today, then you are enabled. Take advantage of it!