Apple Keynote "Hello Again" on October 27th, 2016

This upcoming keynote should be an exciting event for Mac hardware.

Well, it's official, and the event title is very compelling. It's good guess that "hello again" refers to the word "hello" written across the Mac's screen at Steve Jobs' 1984 introduction. This implies that this event could be nearly as important as that event. Could there be even more changes than we've imagined so far?

Here's what I look forward to most of all: a 5K external monitor via USB-C and Thunderbolt. It will be interesting to see if there are reasons for it having been so long since they've updated all but the MacBook. Of course, there's always the idea I discussed last week: a Mac in the form of an iPad on a stand. That would be exciting, but admittedly unlikely.

I think this will be a good event to watch. Also, I love their Halloween style spooky Apple logo so much I themed this page around it. One of my favorite parts of these keynote events is Apple's design of the invitation.

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