6 Ways The New 2020 Apple Silicon Macs Are Super Boring And Lame

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  1. Apple doesn't know how to correctly market it. It should be a moon landing of "fun new processor" but they marketed it as just a faster processor. I guess that's good, but we get faster processor every time.

  2. The computers are mostly the same price as before. They still feel too expensive.

  3. 512GB should be the base SSD size now. Apple continually making this mistake is getting very old.

  4. It's odd that the MacBook Pro and the Mac Mini have a fan. I don't mind, but I thought all computers were supposed to be fan-less now. Guess not.

  5. Why do they insist on only including 2 Thunderbolt/USB 4 ports on each machine. Including 4 is so easy and would calm everyone down so much.

  6. They keep talking about the Neural Engine and machine learning. I have yet to understand why I would even care much about either of these things.

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