3 Surprising Things That Happened After I Started Using My New Apple 2020 27-Inch iMac

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  1. After getting my 2020 27-Inch iMac I didn't care about the latest new computers as much as I used to. I have the mid-level iMac and that is powerful enough that even more powerful computers no longer feel very compelling.

  2. After getting my 2020 27-Inch iMac the 27-inch display doesn't seem so intimidatingly large anymore. I got used to turning my head to look at different parts of the screen. Now it feels like just a different way of working.

  3. After getting my 2020 27-Inch iMac I'm no longer very interested in MacBooks. I used to think that having a MacBook hooked up to a large display was a great way to work. I used that setup for many years. Now I see that an iMac is a good main machine and if you need a laptop for travel that is a good second machine.

    It's much more comfortable to have everything you need for a specific working mode in the machine made for that mode. Turning a MacBook into a desktop computer is an exercise in imperfection.

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