2020 8th Generation Apple iPad Unboxing, Space Gray, 128GB, Deep Navy Smart Cover feat. My Dachshund

YouTube Video

I unbox all the way from the shipping boxes and show all the ins and outs and difficult parts of the unboxing. At one point, my dachshund Kody Calkins joins me to unbox the power brick and lighting cable (and Apple stickers).

We all love Rene Ritchie, but I think my unboxings are distinct and... stuff. I do not think this is the worst iPad unboxing, but I can't be completely sure of that.

My current iPad is an original iPad Air that only runs iOS 12. It does a great job of running Filmic Remote which I use to connect to my iPhone X and FiLMiC Pro to record these 4K videos. I mention it because unboxing a new iPad did sort of reset Filmic Remote in a couple of ways, but recording did not stop.

It will be nice to have iOS 14, that is iPadOS 14, because my current iPad won't run any version of iPadOS.

I walk through my setup until the iPad is fully set up. I actually fold the deep navy smart cover the wrong way in this video. The suede type side should not go on the outside I don't think.

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